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Plants Nurture Office Creativity

Posted: November 21, 2003 | Case Studies

I've always enjoyed having a few plants surround my desk. They create the feeling of a lush island in a sea of beige file cabinets, brown carpet and glowing computer screens.

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Excerpt from Beat the Office Health Hazards

Posted: October 28, 2003 | Case Studies

An unavoidable enemy in the office is the cocktail of chemicals that surrounds us. Did you know, for example, that carpets and chairs may contain formaldehyde, inks give off benzene, and photocopiers and PC monitors emit toluene? The effects of these can include breathing problems, eye irritation, anaemia, nausea and impaired co-ordination.

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Landscaping: Not Just a Warm Weather Friend

Posted: September 19, 2003 | Case Studies

The development of a beautiful landscape can add aesthetics and other values to the interior and exterior of any company

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The Leafy Green Road to Good Mental Health

Posted: August 26, 2003 | Case Studies

Stuck in an emotional funk after a personal loss, Janice Mawhinney couldn't muster the enthusiasm to tend her backyard garden in Toronto for three years. T h e n , i n e x p l i c a b l y, one day this past spring, she found herself vigorously weeding again, her spirits slowly blossoming along with a longconcealed blue lupine, a pink and white bleeding heart, several Shasta daisies, and a host of other recovered plants.

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Plant Power

Posted: June 10, 2003 | Case Studies

New research indicates that the adequate installation of plants can deliver a solid return on investment.

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