Interior Solutions

We are professionals in creating and maintaining interiorscapes consisting of plants and florals that enhance the greenery in your home, workplace or building.

First impressions on any property shape the identity of an environment.  Our interiorscapers will tailor a green plant design which would include unique containers, seasonal plants that best suit your environment and provide a solution for maintenance throughout the installation. 

Our company and our industry have embraced the ideology of biophilia, biomimicry, and the WELL Building Standard® 

  • Biophilia is the instinctive bond between human beings and other living organisms and living systems.  
  • Biomimicry is imitating nature in a man-made environment. 
  • The WELL Building Standard® is the connection between buildings and our health and wellness.  

Properly maintained and professionally indoor plants not only make your building environment more welcoming but improve air quality, save on energy costs and increase worker productivity.